Zac Posen NYFW Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear


Zac Posen is a New York born fashion designer who knows how to create a stunning gown. During New York Fashion Week, Posen’s Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear line was insanely gorgeous.

My favorite design was a sculptured black dress that added volume to the waist and bosom. The dress screamed confidence and elegance. Another design that I thought was amazing was a baby doll, cream, flowy dress. The neckline came all the way to the collar bone with a small scoop. A silver thin detailing line went across the chest, creating the eye to focus towards the model’s chest. Being the only detail on the dress it made the dress look simple, but it also reminded me of a southern belle look. The last dress that I was awed over was a silky, navy blue dress that draped like liquid over the model’s body. It clung to the body well and had strap detailing around the waist of the dress. The neckline was draped and looked like it hung loosely.

Flats were the shoe of choice for this collection. The models looked confident and strong, but the flats added more of a vulnerably, girly vibe. All of the models had simple makeup and the hairstyles varied. Zac Posen did a great job in my opinion. I like many of his designs and it didn’t surprise me that he wowed me again with his beautiful masterpieces.





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