Derek Lam NYFW Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear

Derek Lam is a Chinese American fashion designer from San Francisco, California. Lam specializes in bridal gowns and soft feminine silhouettes. During his collection at New York Fashion Week, I found a couple garments that I found were just simply too beautiful not to show and review.

Looking through his collection, one of my favorites was a flowy, light, long sleeve top paired with slouchy trousers. The top had a low v-cut and at the end of the v-cut, a detailing of tied fabric really pulled the eyes to focus between the model’s breasts. The top ends at the belly button and shows a slight mid-drift. Since the top is white it displays pure, elegance, simple, and a feminine vibe. The trousers are white, also pulling the whole look together. The pants have detailing of white buttons that start from one end of the trousers, across the middle of the trousers along the top and ends on the other end. Going along the side of the trousers to the floor there is a pattern of triangles, dots, and little squares. The pattern makes the look simple but feminine as well. I really liked this look because its so simple, even with the detailing that it has.

Another garment that I fell in love with was a cream knitted long-sleeve dress. The dress length ends at mid-calf. The neckline is a scoop, which I adore. I love how this dress clings to the body. My favorite type of clothing is really loose and flowy, but then I also like simple, pieces that drape nicely along the body. I like clothing that is also comfortable, and this dress looks just that. The texture of the dress looks very soft, so I would assume it’s not a type of knit that would be itchy or uncomfortable on the skin.

In Lam’s collection I noticed a lot of soft cream colors. Throughout the collection I did find pops of dark burgundy red and black. I love these two colors, especially together. I really liked the look where he paired a light cream collared blouse with a short sleeve burgundy jacket. The fabric of the jacket looks like it is suede. It looks so soft and its loose to where it would be more comfortable to wear than if it was tight and suffocating the body. The jacket is very plain, so with it being paired with a collared blouse it really brings the attention to the top of the garment where there is the most detail. I could definitely see me wearing this jacket.

I saved the best for last, my absolutely favorite was a black spaghetti strap dress. The dress has a very low cut which I think is jaw-dropping. Around the bust of the dress there is a thin detailing of lace, so sexy. The mid-drift of the dress is peplum. To me, this part of the dress really pulls everything together. It gives the dress volume and curves. The bottom part of the dress has a lot of lace detailing and seems thinner than the rest of the fabric on the dress. This one was by far my favorite of Lam’s collection which shouldn’t be surprising since its black, has lace, and shows cleavage.

Overall I loved Lam’s collection for Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear. Lam is known for feminine fabrics which he showed in this collection. I can’t get enough of him, he’s truly talented.





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