Let Me Tell You About My Roommate Lex

If anyone has the most purest heart in Michigan, it would be Lex.

If anyone could give the perfect advice to your problem, it would be Lex.

If anyone could be the person you share your most personal secrets with, it would be Lex.

If anyone could cheer you up, it would be Lex.

If anyone who would stand in your corner of the fighting ring, it would be Lex.

Moral of this little story, get yourself a LEX!

Lex is considered to be one of my best friends, keep in mind I’ve only known her for 3 months. I’ve only known her for about 3 months but it’s as if I knew her for all my life. Maybe we were separated at birth?!? I’m very thankful Lex was my blind roommate this year, she definitely has made this year the best one so far.

If I dance in the pouring rain naked, trust me when I say Lex will be right next to me dancing too. If you don’t have someone like Lex in your life already, you are missing out. I can be myself and goofy with her and not feel like she’s judging me. Unlike many girls Lex builds me up, not tear me down. That brings up another topic of mine that women should raise up other women, not break them down. Gals got to stick together!

LEX THE TEX MEX>>> that’s going to be her new nickname, I’m sure she’ll hate it! (Lex is Mexican) <— That’s okay for me to say since I’m her asian friend.

Lex and I were talking the other day about how “the people that come into your life might be unexpected but they come into your life for a reason,” she is mine, the unexpected person. I’m sure the reason why she has come into my life is to reassure me that there are kind hearted people who look for others like me to go along on adventures in this messed up world.

So, thanks Lex for being that unexpected person.

Love, Cassidy


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