Street Styles Vol.1

No matter what anyone says to me, in the streets is the place where you find fashion.

For a woman who isn’t afraid of trying new things: I’m definitely afraid of glitter and big patches of sparkly clothing, but when I saw this style it doesn’t look scary. This outfit is well put together. It’s subtle enough to where I would wear it. If you are someone who avoids bold pieces of clothing, try something like this.

If you are looking for a sparkly skirt:

For a woman who loves comfort: I love long fitted pencil skirts paired with a basic tee. There is something so effortless about it, but you always look well put together too. Plus, if you get a pencil skirt that is cotton or a polyester blend its even extra comfortable and easy to throw on in a hurry for a busy working woman who is always on the go.

If you are looking for a comfortable pencil skirt:

For a woman who wants to have a happy day: An embroidered-detailed crop jacket and light-washed distressed jeans makes me happy. Put them together and you make me ecstatic. If you are feeling bold try these two garments together. I know it’ll make you happy and others as well, like me!

If you are looking for an embroidered-detailed crop jacket:;jsessionid=C4AA52A2B362CD14E436DA655764235D?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=polyvore&utm_campaign=comparador_USA&LGWCODE=53079016%3B78419%3B3141&state=she_400_US&utm_term=53079016

If you are looking for light-washed distressed jeans:

For a woman who is a trendsetter: Leather skirts in general make a pretty big statement, but this style steals the BIG STATEMENT award. A leather skirt with spike studs. We are officially in heaven now. Only trendsetters would wear a statement piece like this. Are you a trendsetter?

If you are looking for a leather skirt with studs:

For the girl next door: A light colored top with a peter pan collar instantly screams “the girl next door”. Pair it with a pastel colored high-rise shorts and the deal is sealed. You can make it even more girly if you add lace or flowery accessories.

If you are looking for a peter-pan collared top:

If you are looking for high-rise pastel shorts:

Stay tuned for more street styles! If these styles don’t represent you, trust me more are coming.

XOXO, Cassidy

All pictures above are sourced from Pinterest.


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