Meet My Roommates: Terra Marie

Terra Marie is my roommate, friend, and supporter. I have known Terra since middle school, but did not get close to her till high school. She was always so dedicated and I admired her work ethic. When we got to college we decided that we should be roommates! We lived together Sophomore year and decided to live together again our Junior year. Terra is the definition of a hard worker. She works two jobs, studies constantly, and still manages to have a smile on her face while making a joke. She also gives amazing advice. Her advice consists of the hard-to-hear truth and honesty that will rock your brain.

Terra has been a supporter, but has also become one of my closest friends. It is funny because we were never very close till recent years, and with age we have realized we have many similarities. She has helped me be a stronger person and stand up for myself, and for that I have forever grateful. She has shown me that hard work and determination are something that you either have or you don’t, and if you have it you have to use it!

Terra and I have made some wonderful memories and I look forward to the ones to come. Love you girly!




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