Street Styles Vol.1 (Men’s Edition)

We can’t forget men!

For the rugged southern man: A man in denim can stop a girl in her tracks. Dark denim shirts on men tend to be more fashionable than lighter denim. Tip: If you decide to wear double denim, make sure it’s not complete different ends of light and dark. And if you aren’t aren’t southern it’s okay, girls will still swoon.

For the Wall Street man: A guy can never go wrong in a dark blue tailored suit. If you are wearing a neutral colored dress shirt underneath, try to wear brown dress shoes. You can never go wrong with a brown and blue combination. Brown and blue together comes off more modern and young. Black and blue come off more older and traditional. In the end it’s your choice!

For the Rebel: A guy in all black can make a girl go crazy trying to figure out this mysterious human being. Like all movies point out, girls always go for the bad boy. Just because you wear all black doesn’t mean you have to be a bad boy though. Psst…don’t forget the dark sunglasses either.

For the hipster: Vests will never get old. Wear a vest and add a patterned dress shirt underneath. If you want to add more of a hipster vibe to the outfit, put on a beanie. Oh and also, if you have a thick beard that wouldn’t hurt either.

For a man who loves the safe zone: It’s okay to not want to wear bold clothing that’ll attract attention. Let’s just stratal the line. Wear a long-sleeve that has two different subtle patterns like this one below. Don’t freak out, it can be in neutral colors. You will look stylish but you can still be in your safe zone.

XOXO, Cassidy

All images above were sourced from Pinterest.


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