How To Achieve a Chic Bedroom

Every now and then we all get bored of the way our bedroom looks, if you are at that stage right now, here are some ways to achieve a chic bedroom.

You can never have too many throw decorative pillows. Stick to a color scheme of your bedroom. A bedroom with a scheme of 2-3 colors is ideal. My favorite color scheme is black, white, and grey. I bet that didn’t surprise you though. Some bedroom color schemes that are popular right now are: Dark navy blue, burnt orange, and light grey. Mauve purple, grey, and moody blue. Dark grey, mustard yellow, and cream.

Add some nature. Plants or flowers make the room seem more down to earth and it also feels fresher. Naturally when we see plants or flowers we think bright, sunny, happy. You can even get fake plants or flowers. Don’t forget to dust and clean the fake plants!

Candles are a must for a chic bedroom. Candles set the mood, they help you relax, they make your room smell nice, and they are the ultimate decoration for bookshelves, desks, night stands, and dressers.

Funky decor that represents you and your style. Your bedroom defines who you are. Make or buy decor to put on your shelves, night stand, on top of your dresser where others can see it. Don’t forget your walls, if you find cool artwork or print out pictures to hang on your wall, it’s better than leaving them bare. Whether its trendy or quirky, it’ll still be chic. If it fits in your color scheme, that’s even better.



All Images were sourced from Pinterest.



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