Stocking Stuffers for Her

If you are a mother, a friend, a significant other, etc. I think this will help you get an idea of what to put in her stocking.


Tea is a great stocking stuffer. The box is normally smaller to fit into a stocking and it’s not too expensive. From my experience women love tea, if that special “her” likes tea, you know what you can stick in her stocking.

Interested in this Tea>!/

Ice Cube

A funky ice cub tray is a great gag gift for her stocking. She will still be able to use it, and I’m sure she will giggle at the fact she’s drinking her lemonade with ice diamonds.

Interested in a Diamond Ice Tray>!/

Phone Case

A cell phone case is practical and I’m sure she’ll get great use out of it. Us gals like to switch things up, so if she already has a cell phone case and you get her one for her stocking, trust me she’ll switch it up and put on the one you gave her.

Interested in this Phone Case>

Panda Gloss

A quirky lip gloss or lipstick is a great nicknack for her to carry around in her purse. I love it when I personally get new lip glosses or lipsticks. Most lip glosses and lipsticks can also be very affordable no matter how cute the packaging is, like this one.

Interested in this Panda Lip Gloss>

Key Chain

A key chain is something that is cute and something that she can use on the daily. It’s super cute and it’s also by Kate Spade, making it ten times better. Get one that is somewhat simple but has a pop of glam.

Interested in this Kate Spade Key Chain>




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