Stocking Stuffers for Him

We all know guys are the hardest to buy for. But here are some tips that’ll help you fill up his stocking this Christmas.

Whiskey Soap

All guys shave, right? Most guys like alcohol, and maybe whiskey too? Well put the two together and you get Whiskey Shave Soap. Sounds oddly delicious and intriguing. It could be good for him and you.

Interested in Whiskey Shave Soap>

Disposable Flask

In my experience, guys drinking means they will lose something by the end of the night. If you know someone who could desperately use a disposable flask so they don’t lose flask after flask, get them one! It also has cute little sayings. Hopefully this one doesn’t represent the man you are buying for though.

Interested in a Disposable Flask>!/


Guys like to have a lucky lighter. But, I think they just think having a lighter on them is cool. Why not? Make them feel cool.

Interested in this cool Lighter>!/


See, I find this stocking stuffer to be more useful for us gals. If you go shopping, tell them to bring their crochet footbag so they leave you alone when you take two hours shopping at your favorite store. It’s a win win situation.

Interested in a Crochet Footbag>!/


If your guy is always complaining that his dish that he ordered isn’t hot enough, this baby will come in handy. Sriracha 2 Go Key Chain will save you from hearing him complain. We get it, you like hot food!

Interested in a Sriracha 2 Go Key Chain>!/






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