Quotes for the Darker Side

I find the most honest quotes are the best quotes. They are real, and most of them dark. True honesty and true beauty. Just like how sad songs are the most fulfilling because many people can relate. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

“In the land of Gods and Monsters, I was an angel. Living in the garden of evil. Screwed up, scared, doing anything that I needed, shining like a fiery beacon.”

“I’ve become, a simple souvenir of someone’s kill. Like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to ill. Madness fills my heart and soul as if the great divide could swallow me whole. Oh how I’m breaking down.”

“I wish I couldn’t feel, I wish I couldn’t love, and I wish that I couldn’t stop. Cause it hurts so much and I’m the only one that’s trying to keep us together. I wish the good outweighed the bad cause it’ll never be over, until you tell me it’s over.”

“I know a girl, she puts the color inside of my world. But, she’s just like a maze, where all the walls all continually change and I’ve done all I can. To stand on her steps with my heart in my hand, now I’m starting to see, maybe it’s got nothing to do with me.”

“If I say something I’ll probably fuck it all up and if I don’t it’ll continue to fuck me up.”




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