Fall FAV’s and Trends of 2015


A big favorite of mine is a simple dress under a large sweater coat paired with over-the-knee boots. This look is so simple but so sexy at the same time. It’s perfect for someone who wants to hold onto the dwindling warmer weather but still stay warm from the fall breeze.


Blanket scarves are perfect for compensating if you choose to wear a lighter jacket or just a sweater when going out. It keeps you warm and it looks fabulous. They are bigger, better, and comfy to go out in. It’s like going out in public carrying around a blanket, but you won’t get weird looks.


A floor length sweater cardigan makes me happy. It’s such a raw, mysterious, hippie look that I can’t get over. It looks so warm and casual. It would be the perfect cardigan to go out and do errands for the holidays.


A big sweater coat wrapped together with a big belt is perfection. It’s a step up from casual but it looks well put together. The belt adds flare and personality to the rest of your outfit. If your sweater is plain you can add a colored or textured belt.


Faux fur is the “big talk” of this fall. Faux fur vests are everywhere I go! If I don’t see it on a mannequin, it’s on a person walking past me in the store. Faux fur vests don’t work for every occasion or every person, but if you can pull it off, more power to you.


Turtlenecks can bother some people because it’s too claustrophobic and too stuffy, so I propose for you to find a turtleneck that is very loose. The one above is a turtleneck that is over-sized at the neck. So, now we can wear a turtleneck without feeling like we are being choked to death.


Poncho jackets are so intriguing. Some don’t flatter your body and some look like a bag. When you find the right one that flatters your body and that fits your personality, get it! They don’t seem to come very often so when it’s presented to you, make sure you grab it.


Knit knee-high socks will add an edgy vibe to any outfit. They can also look very feminine when picked in a softer color added with feminine prints. They keep your legs warm if you choose to wear a skirt or dress. Make sure you have thin and thick ones depending on what type of shoes you want to wear with them.


I’ve also seen a lot of people sporting a vest jacket. I need to go purchase one. These are perfect for when you want some coverage but you don’t want to get overly hot. Plus they are just so fashionable.


Suede jackets are in this fall. Suede is glamorous but also can be used casually. They can be dressed up with a dress and a pair of heels or they can be dressed down with skinny jeans and booties. Having a suede jacket or a few never hurt anybody.



All images were sourced from Pinterest.


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