Movie Quotes Part 1

Wedding Date

The Wedding Date: I hope somewhere there is that special someone for all of us. The person that we would miss even if we’d never met. Who know’s where they are right at this moment.


Juno: I’m not sure I know what kind of girl I am either. Do any of us know or understand who we are?


Clueless: Me, 99% of the time. I am clueless. I never know why things happen or what it means when things happen. Life should come with a manual.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s: I think many of us hold back, fearing that if we come out of our shell we might end up getting hurt. Maybe the people who are holding themselves back hurt more than if they stepped out of their shell.

She's The MAn

She’s The Man: Is it just me or do you notice that you can give great advice to others but you can’t take your own advice to solve your own problems? I’m that person that gets asked for advice, but here I am sitting with my own issues and can’t seem to fix them. I wish I knew how to take my own advice.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 1.35.35 PM

The Fox and the Hound: I have learned that in college, the friends you once were close to, you might not be as close anymore. True friends find their way back to you. It’s sad to lose friends, but if you aren’t losing friends than you aren’t growing up.





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