Tips for not having a mental breakdown during FINALS WEEK

With the end of the semester fast approaching finals week has arrived. When we think of finals week, we know that we will most likely have a mental breakdown at some point during this time… but what are some ways to prevent this?

  1. BREATHE. Do not forget to breathe, because going to the emergency room would really put a damper on studying.
  2. Take a break. It is ok to take breaks while studying, just make sure that it is not every five minutes.
  3. Eat all the foods. Finals week (and the holidays) are some of the only times that you can eat whatever you want and it does not count.
  4. Dance. Yes dance. If your in a rut and your brain has stopped comprehending what English is and you can’t retain the simplest things. DANCE. Put on some Spice Girls and shake it.
  5. Use highlighters. If your anything like me, make studying a little more enjoyable by adding some color to those note cards.
  6. “It is what it is.” Know that cramming will only get you so far, so relax and read over what you do not know, and try not to stress too much.
  7. Be comfy. Do not stress about what you look like… everyone on campus is not worried about if you are wearing your Michael Kors leather boots. So wear your stained PINK sweatpants that are from middle school cause when else will you be able to?!
  8. Plan something fun for after finals. For example, after my last final I am going to see the new Star Wars movie cause its going to be EPIC!

Good luck everyone on finals! And may the curve be ever in your favor 🙂




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