Life has a funny way of pulling you in different directions. A lot of places are places you do not desire to go. Other places, you pray you don’t get pulled away. But, between certain places you get a split second of a remarkable moment. Whether the moment is inevitable, it can take your life in a whole new direction. Maybe you find the love of your life, you have a close encounter with death, you bring a child into the world, or maybe you just make eye contact with someone you feel like you have known all your life. Those are the moments that count. All of the other places are just temporary places to make those moments so much more special.

If you are stuck in a bad place, just remember that there is a moment coming. A sweet, sweet moment that could change your life forever. I think many of us just pass right along the moments that are given to us. We go through life like we are walking zombies. We see, but we aren’t actually looking. I don’t want to go through life and then realize at sixty years old that I didn’t live to my fullest potential.

I want to remember every moment. I want to remember the sounds, the smells, the way I felt, and most importantly remember how it changed my life. When a moment comes along, try to take it all in because it’s a moment, it only lasts for a matter of seconds. Don’t be someone who just sits there and watches their life pass them by. Hold onto those impeccable moments.




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