A Wedding Dress That Fits You and Your Personality

A wedding dress is something you want to get right for your wedding day. A wedding dress is supposed to symbolize you and your future. On your day, you need to be presented in a wedding dress that represents you and your personality.

If you are known to dress like a hippie, you are free spirited, you enjoy nature, and if you are a flower child…this type of dress is for you.


LS 3

LS 1

LS 2

A long-sleeve wedding gown goes great with your hair down if you prefer it that way on your wedding day. You can also add vintage jewelry or wear a beaded headpiece in your hair.

If you are known to love fantasies, enjoy romantic drama films, if you are conservative, and if you want to look like a princess and feel like a princess on your wedding day…this type of dress is for you.

Ball Gown:


BG 2


A ball gown wedding dress will look amazing with your hair in a tousled bun and with diamond drop earrings. All you are missing is a horse and carriage.

If you love breaking rules, considered a fashionista, love new trends and breaking conformity…this type of dress is for you.





A two-piece wedding gown would really pop with a dark red lipstick, and exotic bouquet of flowers, and you must add some lace. I honestly don’t know if a two-piece wedding dress would make it without some lace.

If you are simple, love flowy light clothing, you embrace comfort, and enjoy the little things in life…this type of dress is for you.





A sheath wedding dress is known for it’s small detailing and elaborate designs. You don’t need to pack on jewelry but add something to your hair, it’ll complete the detailed look.

If you are known to embrace your curves, you like to highlight your bottom, you enjoy elegance, and you like to look sophisticated…this type of dress is for you.





A trumpet wedding dress would look fantastic with either dramatic earrings or some simple bracelets. If you are trying to accentuate your bottom, add big bouncy curls to your hair and put it in a half-up do. The curls and the shape of your hair will point down to your bottom.

If you like normal casual days, like to emphasize your chest, and prefer a more natural look…this type of dress is for you.





An A-Line wedding dress can go either plain as can be or it can be detailed. If you go for a plain a-line wedding dress, try to add big volume hair or a necklace. If you go for a detailed a-line dress try putting your hair up to accentuate your chest and the detailing.

If you are chic, you love retro, think you were born in the wrong era, and love old movies…this type of dress is for you.





A tea-length wedding dress shows your heels, make sure you incorporate your theme into your heels. If you want to look retro, add a flower to your hair. Oh, and don’t forget to add a red lip.

If you like to accentuate your hips and waist, you love modern buildings and things, you love contemporary music, and you love dramatic entrances…this type of dress is for you.





A mermaid wedding dress really hugs your body so make sure you wear undergarments that are seamless to prevent panty lines. This type of wedding dress really allows you to have any type of hairstyle and it still won’t take away from the dress.

If you are comfortable in your own skin, if you love art, if you seek adventure, and if you consider yourself practical…this type of dress is for you.





A slip wedding dress is a beautiful, elegant, dreamy choice. Make sure you have natural makeup and a easy going hairstyle look. People will be enchanted.

If you love showing off your legs, you hate being told what to do, people might say you are a little rebel, and if you love warm weather…this type of dress is for you.





A mini wedding dress allows you to be crazy. You can choose from pearled stilettos to converse shoes. You can do your hair up or leave it down. Put a headband in your hair or put a flower behind your ear to complete the look. This type of dress gives you a lot of wiggle room to do as you please.

All images above were sourced from Pinterest.




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