Must Have Boots for Every Occasion

Boots are the staple to any great outfit. They can dress it up or down, make it country chic or glamorous. These are a couple boots that I believe that every woman should have in their closet, and also some outfit ideas to wear with your wonderful boots! Here they are:

Riding Boots:

  • These are my absolute favorite boots! They are perfect for all seasons, you can easily pair them with any outfit.

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Lace-Up Boots

  • These include the simple combat boots to a knee high lace up boot. They are perfect to pair with any outfit for a more edgy look.

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UGG Boots

  • Now this may be a style taboo, but I do not care… UGG’s are comfortable. They are perfect for lounging around the house and keeping your toes warm on those cold winter nights. Now, you may not want to pair them with those mini skirts you should totally rock your UGG’s!

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  • Ankle Booties
    • Ankle Booties are perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans and adding a little chic touch. You can go for a more polished ankle boot or you could go for a more rustic look depending on your outfit.

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  • Snow Boots

If you live in the winter tundra, then you need a good pair of snow boots. Now, these are not always the cutest option but they will be one of your best purchases. When buying a snow boot you want to make sure that they are tall enough for the snow you’ll be forging in.

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  • Rain Boots

Now, my go to rain boots are my Hunters which also can double as snow boots when you add the inner liners. But, there are many fun and cute rain boots that will make any girl excited for the April showers.

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