Fashion: Outerwear


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Peacoats are sophisticated coats. They go great with a pair of knee-high boots or a turtleneck. You can dress a peacoat up for a night out with a mini dress or you can wear it casually with a pair of cuffed jeans. It’s a very versatile coat for a universal style.


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Blazers are a must have. A woman needs a blazer, either for work, shopping out on the town, or for going out with girls. Blazers can be dressed-up or you can wear them casually. Try getting blazers that are different colors or different patterns and prints.


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A biker coat is made for a tough, confident chick. Black biker coats are intimidating and breathtaking at the same time. You can invest in different types, for example, a biker coat with studs or a biker coat with sheepskin collars is a good way to switch it up. If you want to venture out even further, try different colored leather coats.

Trench Coat:

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Trench coats are a staple piece. You need a trench coat like you need a little black dress. They are often light and versatile to match with whatever you are wearing. Not all trench coats are waterproof, so check twice before you make a purchase. The traditional color of a trench coat was khaki, but now you can get away with any color.

Wrap Coat:

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Wrap coats are fashionable and classy. They make any outfit elegant and sophisticated. Wear a wrap coat with a pair of scarpin heels to get the perfect night-out outfit.

Swing Coat:

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Swing coats can be preppy or retro or modern. A preppy swing coat should be matched with a pair of pearl earrings and a red lip. A retro swing coat will look complete with mesh tights and suede gloves. A modern swing coat will be complete with gold jewelry and booties.

Fur Coat:

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Fur coats can either look edgy or elegant. For an edgy look, add booties or leather. For an elegant look, wear a solid bold colored dress and bold eyelashes. Fur coats are hard to clean so make sure you don’t eat spaghetti with your white fur coat on!

Duffle Coat:

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Duffle coats look simple and casual. They are great for strolling through parks during the fall. They are perfect for athletic adventures. Wear stripes or polka dots with your duffle coat to add detail.

Military Jacket:

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A military jacket is a great way to add spunk to a casual outfit. You can pair your jacket with a baseball cap or pair it with knee-high boots. Dark green military jackets are perfect for fall.

Zip-Up Hoodie:

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We all love to dress casual here and there and a hoodie is the way to go. Hoodies are simple and easy. Get a neutral color so you can mix and match with different colors and patterns.

Denim Jacket:

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A denim jacket is a classic. If you don’t have one, you need to purchase one and you won’t regret it. When purchasing a denim jacket make sure you can put your hands above your head comfortably without the armpit being too tight. If you want to put layers underneath, get a size bigger to accommodate more room.


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Parka coats are so underrated. They are fabulous jackets that actually keep you warm but still stylish. I get hot and claustrophobic very easily during the winter and parka coats never make me overly hot. If you live in an area with harsh winters, I highly recommend investing in a parka coat.


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Cardigans are great pieces to layer with. You can never have too many cardigans. There are so many different types of cardigans you should have one of each. Most of my own cardigans are all neutral colors because my main color that I wear is black, so all of my cardigans can go with most of my clothing.

Puffer Coat:

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It can be tough finding the perfect puffer coat. But when you find the perfect one, purchase it! Some people think that puffer coats can make you look heavier or not stylish but finding the right one has a lot to do with it.


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Capes are so romantic looking to me, I think of strolling the cobble stoned paths in Italy with a cape. Capes look great with skinny jeans or dresses. You can add a little rock n’ roll with leather pants or you can make it casual with a pair of flats.


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Ponchos are great for staying comfortable and fashionable all at the same time. Get a poncho that has a pattern or detail on it. You want your poncho to be the main piece that you are wearing. Add booties or a cute hat to complete the look.

All images used are sourced from Pinterest.




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