A Little About Me: Volleyball

As far as I can remember I have always been very competitive. I tried many sports through-out my short life. I’ve dabbled in gymnastics, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, dance, and volleyball. I never truly loved any sport until I played volleyball competitively.

I joined my first volleyball team when I was around seven years old. During high school I played on club teams and made the high school team all four years. It was my life, my love, and my passion. I even dreamed about volleyball. Not only was it my passion that gave me happiness but it also taught me a few life lessons.

Not everyone is going to love your competitiveness spirit.

I had to learn to sometimes take it down a few notches. In life, I have come to realize that everything is one big competition. You compete for a spot on a high school sports team, or for a job position, a girl or guy that you like, etc. We subconsciously are always competing for something within our lives. We can’t win them all. All we can do is compete for the things that we want and pray for the best.

A team is stronger than a single person.

Team bonding is a great way to find out what strengths can be used in order to solve a problem or to be successful at something. Communication is a big contributor when it comes to being a part of a team. In order to be successful as a team, one must communicate to the rest of the teammates efficiently and productively.

It’s okay to fail. 

No one is perfect, not even a team of amazing people. Life is about failing, but then picking yourself back up and trying again. I have already failed at many things in my short 21 years of life. I can’t imagine not failing on a regular basis. That’s why we are here aren’t we? Just here to fail and to learn from it.

Not everyone is going to be fond of you. 

I once had a coach almost not let me on the team because she said, “You have a negative ora.” To be honest, she just didn’t like me. That’s okay. Not everyone is going to like you. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like me. Because at the end of the day I like myself and my family and friends love me, so that’s all that matters.





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